Glaze Database

I am happy to say that I have collected thousands of recipes over the years. I am slowly adding all of them into the database though it is a slow process. I think of this as a labor of love, bring all of these wonderful choices to one place rather then the search we all know so well. If you do not see a glaze you are looking for please contact me, I still have many notebooks full of recipes I am slowly plodding through to add.

However with all of this you can guess there are far more Glazes then I can test and Glaze at this time. I only ask of my viewers that if you make one of the glazes that perhaps you send me a sample photo of the final outcome so that  I can add an image to the database for future glaze hunters. I will be happy to post the name of the artist and any link to their work. 

But most of all please enjoy the glazes and I hope you  find just what it is that will make your next piece Magic.

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