Salt Shaker

Stopperless salt shakers are easy to use and fun to have That does not event start to talk about the addition of art to your table. However the question is how do they work. There are three key stages to these little ceramic gems. 

Filling: to till these shakers with the seasoning of your choice all you must do it turn the piece over so that the whole is facing up, making an funnel shape. Then you slowly pour in you seasoning and allow it to funnel down into the body of the piece. If the process slows a tap on the side my get thing moving again. However please do not over fill as this may cause a bit of spillage in some cases.

Store: When no in use the piece can be sat on any flat surface right side up. Do not worry about spilling as the seasoning is stored inside the wells of the shaker.

Shake: When in use the seasoning will only come out of the shaker will a steady up and down shaking motions, A slight angle will not impede this however try to keep the piece upright.

That is it, all you have to do to use your very own stopperless shaker. Cleanup is with a tamp town, and you are ready to go.

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